Alec Carpenter MA, LMHC
"Creating positive change through knowledge,
innovation, and connection."
Alec Carpenter MA, LMHC
Specializing in the
treatment of:

Trauma, grief and

Individuals and

Energy and
Somatic therapies

Emotional Event
     Hi, I'm Alec Carpenter, and I work as a
psychotherapist and healer out of
Santa Fe,
New Mexico.  

      I’ve been providing therapy for clients since
2001, and have literally thousands of hours of
experience with what I offer.  In my work with
clients I use an eclectic variety of tools with an
emphasis on what works for the specific
individual(s) in front of me.

      I tend to view therapy more as a journey
with a client than as a destination.  But even so,
I have a highly developed set of tools that I use
with clients which I have found to be consistently
transformative.  These tools include emotional
event therapy, somatic therapies, direct energy
work, guided meditations/visualizations, voice-
dialogue style therapies and various
cognitive/behavioral techniques.  

      All techniques are tailored to the client or
clients in front of me at the moment with an
emphasis on what works for them.

      Please feel free to explore the links on this
page for more information, or, skip all the
reading and contact me directly for a free 30
minute consultation.  I would be delighted to
meet you and explain how I can use these
various skills to help make your life easier, more
comfortable and much happier!
Call:  505-231-1543  -OR-
Email: Alec At